Monday, October 09, 2006

Lost Canyon

This weekend was our annual women's retreat. This year we scored a sweet Young Life camp in Williams called Lost Canyon, which was a step up just by not being named "Pine Summet." The food was great and the accomodations were clean - even though I am sure glad that I didn't realize until the last day that the blankets weren't cleaned in between each group. No one had thought to bring a blacklight anyway.
Here's Jen in front of "Goldmine"
Me and Trish

We stopped in town for lunch and shared a slice of their famous double lemon pie. As we were eating, the Williams High School homecoming parade went by - in between the local traffic.

Our speaker this year was Jan Winebrenner who spoke on her book "The Joy of Catastrophe."

We held small group discussions in our cabin after each session. Can you see the blanket cuddling? Ignorance is bliss! It was pretty cold, but thankfully I have no personal space issues.

Saturday afternoon - Katie, Holly, Jen and Cathy

Nicole and Angie

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Trish said... weren't supposed to tell anyone that I had Double Lemon Cream Pie!!! Thanks for a great weekend...always unforgettable!