Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seriously, What Is Up With My Life?

Here's another chunk of our life around here - riveting, I know. We were all set to take our Christmas pictures yesterday around noon. Last year, I attempted to fix my own hair and makeup - in addition to that fact, the pictures were taken at the break of dawn and I was super pregnant and puffy. So, fast forward back to present day where I did not make a hair/makeup appointment in time to see my wonderful Christine, so an Other gave me highlights and the face of a hooker. I was running late, and of course... ran right into a truck at the on ramp. A truck that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then stopped in front of me. (I was looking left, and I thought he went - alas) The guy came barreling out of his barely dented truck - mine had a scratch and my airbag is set to go off at 5 mph, so I really didn't hit him THAT hard - yelling and screaming some encouraging and helpful words. AND ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS... I look like a hooker! So, I started crying, because I was tired and late and he probably thought I look like this all of the time and we have to do these pictures today, because LOOK AT MY FACE! I'M CAMERA READY! Well, he called the police and didn't apologize to the scary looking woman who was crying in her car while simulaneously blotting and trying to reschedule Christmas pictures. Thankfully, the kids weren't with me because it totally would have freaked Kate out.
The pictures went great, even though Kate did fake smiles just to make me nuts. Thanks Joe. Afterwards, we went to Rawhide for my mom's birthday. Yeah, Rawhide. It just isn't that exciting if you aren't three or from Boston.

Kate and I at our Rawhide dinner, see the smile? It might be all over your Christmas photo from us. Oh, and I ate buffalo. And my makeup was much tamer by then.

My parents, who were trying to show Kate how to smile properly.

Miles, who ate everything near him and then started on the table itself.

I have not, however, ridden a camel before. I spent the whole ride trying to figure out how to save Kate if we slid off. The camel's name was Joseph, but Kate kept calling him "Jofes." She also read the stop sign letters backwards to me today. Is this dyslexia or just that she's thinking in Japanese?

My mom and Miles - this is his favorite game. "Go to sleep." "Wake up!" He has regressed and calls everyone Mama now - I'm ok with it.

Sheriff Kate

She wanted to ride the sheep.

Today, Kate informed me that she had an email address. It's "I 26" if you want to reach her. We went to my parent's house today to drop off Thanksgiving pies, so my dad and I took the kids to the park by their house. They had a bath when we got back and I realized then that I had no diapers or clothes for Miles. My mom had two things: one of Kate's old swim diapers - which leaked all over her, dripping down her arm - and this...

My little lady.

I also saw a weiner dog at AJ's that was walking on his front paws because his entire lower half was encased in some sort of wheelchair contraption and I got kicked of Craigslist for being "inappropriate."


Our Family said...

Were you trying to sell those home movies AGAIN?

Klhark said...

So sorry about your crash Ms. Hooker :) but glad the pics are good! Hope Thanksgiving was calm and dull for you but how could it be with 2 kids. I have 11 people in my house for another 16 hours or so...

Anonymous said...

what did you do that was inappropriate? I'm curious.

Jesse said...

The return of "Christmas Hair"! It's about time... Wow, that was... 12 years ago? We're old.

I'd also like to know what you did that was inappropriate.

Mikele said...

Actually, I don't even know. Maybe it was that I misspelled "formula" and wrote it as "fornula?" I'm embarrassed to even admit such a fault.

PhotoJoeAZ said...

I loved the picture of your youngest girl. Call her...Milena?

And when we did the pictures, your own re-do of the makeup was most non-tart-like. I would say it was the opposite of prostitudinal.

Having fun reading your blog, esp. the "Wayne" story. Laughed out loud. Literally.