Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Part One

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about food, family and reflecting just deep enough to be aware that life is really good and that there is lots to be thankful for. There isn't a depression when the day is over because Christmas is coming and it's all just beginning. No gifts to buy, so you can (mostly) avoid crowds - unless you are in charge of pies and hit AJ's the day before, which, as you remember, was where I saw the two-legged dog. We had a three town tour this year and started if off in North Phoenix at Jim and Brenda's house with my side of the family. There were delays right off the starting gate with me forgetting the jackets and the whip cream at home, traffic on the I-10 (the whole north bound lane is a parking lot until January when the huge fair leaves town. Everyone slows down to stare at the pretty lights. AAAAGHH!), and Kate needing to go to the bathroom on the one day that every store is closed.
I am thankful that my family waited for us before digging in. You see, when they say "2:00," they mean 2:00. Not 2:15 and definitely NOT 2:30, which was our arrival time.

Kate's "donkey kick" on the tramp

Brandon and Kate.
She is really learning fast how to grab whatever grown-up is around drag them with her to wherever she wants to go.


Brittany and me

Kate hanging out in the backyard.

Brandon, Eli, Irish Matt and Dani

My dad and Kate eating the infamous AJ's pumpkin pie

We celebrate Kate and my mom's birthdays on Thanksgiving. She got some pots and pans and play food for her "kitchen" - which is what she calls her closet.

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Is part two coming before Christmas?!? :)