Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Part 2 (and yes, I realize it's late)

We drove up to Dewey (think right before Prescott Valley) after we left Jim and Brenda's to bunk at Granddad and Nana's house. I slept in the same room with Miles and didn't realize until then just HOW LOUD a sleeper he is! He never woke up, but he talks in his sleep and at one point started kicking the pack-n-play in a rhythmic fashion for a half hour. Sucker. Josh and his Granddad went golfing in the morning, so the kiddos and I left to head up to Grandma Cheryl's house in Paulden (think north of Prescott).
Miles, Nana and Kate Miles' favorite spot at Grandma's Kate and Granddad eating guacamole. Kate totally double-dipped. Uncle Ben and Aunt Stacey. Baby Natalie is all set to arrive sometime around the first of December. Oh, and Skip Bo is boring. Kate and Aunt Cara Miles and Uncle Jake Gavin

Miles' second favorite spot

Grandma Cheryl and the boys. There is always someone playing some type of music around there.

Stacey and her new mobile. Come out, girl! Seriously!

Miles: "Hey, these books are neat!"

Gavin: "Yes, reading is fundamental."

Miles: "Your book looks a bit more exciting than mine. I would like to eat it."

Gavin: "It does appear to have more pages than yours."

Miles: "I will take it then!"

Gavin: "Ummm..."

Miles: "I do enjoy the taste."

Gavin: "Give it back! Just because you're twice my size..." Miles and Mommy


Our Family said...

Skip Bo is awesome! You don't know what you're talking about. At least it was when I was 10...

mini and brother said...

Love all the pictures. Your hair is really cute in the last one!

Klhark said...

Can't sleep in the same room with Hank either. Love the totally academic cousins pouring over their books. Great to pull out at their high school graduations!

robyn said...

cute outfit on Miles ;)