Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kate's Discovered Sugar... Robyn Started It

I truly kept it from her until this summer. Then came the day that Robyn slipped her a Jelly Belly when I wasn't looking and that was followed by the infamous trip to the mall where a high pressure situation made it impossible to deny her a gumball. As predicted, she swallowed in within the first five minutes, BUT! a lifelong love of sugar was born.

Terry offered to come watch the kiddos on Monday so that I could do a whirlwind Christmas shopping spree and she brought a gingerbread house making kit with her. As it turned out, my mom ended up working on it with her and I am still surprised that any of the candy actually made it onto the house.

'Tis the Season!


robyn said...

in my defense, she had her dad's permission...I am not a dealer ;)

mini and brother said...

She WANTED the gumball... it was longer that 5 minutes before she swallowed it and she wouldn't have done that IF she had a little more experience with the whole gum thing...I love ginger bread houses!

Terry said...

That is the prettiest Gingerbread house I have ever seen...and that was a very fun day...the kiddos were so good and we had fun as did mom and everyone is happy right?!

Jen said...

Oooh, I'm actually looking for a sugar dealer...for myself, not for Madison.