Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our Week In Review

We had a very busy week, and with no time to blog (or breathe), you again end up with a not-so-swift overview. First there was the Beth Moore conference (awesome!) last Friday and Saturday which was the place to be if you:
a) were in need of a truly inspiring, uplifting and God-honoring message to kick your spiritual butt in gear.
b) wanted to spend time with your girlfriends in the wee hours of the morning (except it really isn't "morning" if the sun hasn't risen yet) eating scones while sitting in line...because it was open seating and forget about getting a seat in the back of that place!
c) have never seen such Godly women claw their way to the front of the line and then glare in your direction if you ever such as DARE to throw your trash away by the doors.

Saturday night Josh and I went with Scott, Lori, Dave and Elizabeth to see Barenaked Ladies in concert. Every restaruant was packed, so Scott mentioned this little (sort of) hole in the wall called La Tolteca - near 14th and Van Buren, no less. It was a bakery/convienence store/restaruant which repeated the same song on the loudspeakers the entire time we were there. No one could actually tell us the name of it though. The concert was great, but I realized as we were driving away that I had forgotten my purse back at La Tolteca. Neat. I had to drive back Sunday morning to retrieve it, but I did get some yummy Mexican pastries.

On Tuesday, Natalie Faith made her appearance to the world, so I drove out to see Stacey and Ben that evening. She was 7 lbs even and such a sweet little thing!

Wednesday morning, Scotty had a scope done at the hospital and since Scott and Josh were off at a conference in Colorado, Robyn and I went to sit with Amelia while Katie was with him.

Katie already posted these pictures, but I couldn't resist - and yes, he did get stuck in the stroller on my watch, post anethesia. Katie was getting her car and I was just pushing him around trying to keep him calm when the stroller just...stopped. His lower body had slipped out and his feet were on the floor, but his head was kind of, well, stuck. I started sweating right then, because if Katie had walked in, it just didn't look good for me. Between me, a nurse and Amelia, we finally got the tray off. Scotty didn't make one noise the entire time. Sorry, Dude.

Kate's Room Renovation Update Part 1:

My Dad only charged $39 /hr

Wednesday nights we have The Little Gym where I get giddy every time Maryn calls her "Kater."

Saturday morning was LifeQuest's Brunch, and Kate had a birthday party at Michael's house while I was gone. She had a great time, but, like me, is constantly on the go.

Saturday afternoon was Colin's first birthday party at Gymboree. What fun! The kids loved it. Here's a couple videos that Katie took of Miles:

What a very crazy week! We are resting up because Kate's birthday is Saturday and this year, she is completely obsessed by it.


Our Family said...

Did you pay your Dad for the uneven stripes? :)

Klhark said...

I love the life catch up blog! I feel like I'm part of the crew. Thanks for being such a sweet friend to my sis. Love,

Jen said...

Love the necklaces you were wearing in the first video of Miles. Very stylish. See, you CAN accessorize with out my help. Good job.

Jenny Brackman said...

Wow, talk about no time to breath.

Was that a home birth or just a rustic-looking hospital bed?

Mikele said...

Birthing center actually, but she did have a log cabin themed room.