Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Kate Learned to Use Scissors

I don't know when it happened, but I do know where it happened... Jen, Madison, Kate and I went to a Messy Creations class at the AZ Museum for Youth (fantastic place, if you've never checked it out) and Kate picked up some scissors. I was all ready to teach her how to use them, when I hear her say to herself, "You put your thumb in here, your fingers go here..." I have never given this child a pair of scissors before, people! So where did she learn such a feat, you ask? Well, our Bashas grocery store has this Club House deal where you can drop off your small human (for FREE!) while you do your shopping. Some might call it childcare, but around our house we call it FREE PRESCHOOL!!!! She gets to play games, USE SCISSORS AND GLUE, and I get to watch it all on monitors that are set up around the store. Yes, I do pass an Albertsons on my way to Bashas, but as you can see, it's totally worth it!

The snowman above her head is the project of the day.

Kate has two favorite "teachers" at free preschool. This is Marge and Kate.

Each month they post the birthdays and sweet Marge even remembered that Kate's was coming up. Awwww!

Check it!


Klhark said...

You pampered Arizonans:) We have to make due with shopping carts disguised at taxis and race cars. We just say a prayer on the way that there is one waiting for us.
Happy Birthday to Kater! Wish we could be there to celebrate like last year :)

Jen said...

See, there's a crafty little kid in Kate just screaming to get out. I think it's time, Mikele, to embrace the crafts.

mini and brother said...

She has the best preschool ever.
Happy Birthday you BIG 3 year old.
Can't wait to see you BOUNCE!!