Saturday, November 18, 2006

Triple Dooty

I headed to the far reaches of 7th St. and Happy Valley yesterday to help Tina with the triplets. She has a nanny a couple of times a week and her mom takes the night shifts, but she relies on volunteers on the other days. As a matter of fact, she and Brian also manage the Saturday night round, so I'm sure she's up with them right now. I don't think "exhausted" quite covers it. All three babies are home and weighing in between 8.5 to 9 pounds each.
I spent a good chunk of the day with Braden. He took a couple good naps on my shoulder.
My aunt Yoshiko was there as well. We got to visit with each other for a bit while we rocked and fed and burped and held and soothed and changed the babies. This is Yosh with sweet little Alyssa.
I didn't get a picture of Davin, but I'll get one next time. They all seem to be doing well. Tina got a nap and a shower - complete with a good hair washing and I came home with a renewed appreciation for babies that sleep through the night.


mini and brother said...

If you ever feel like performing nanny duties over here just let me know...

Terry said...

You got more pix than me...Great thinking with the mirror...You rule..the one of him sleeping is so cute. Thank you for you..