Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Eve

We were invited to Matt and Desiree's house for New Year's Eve - there was a ton of food and they had a great fire pit in the backyard which was mainly used for sarcastic and witty conversation

Me and Josh

Miles and Wyatt

Joshua and Carrie

The ladies... and Joshua, the "ladies man"

Matt serving up some brats


Carrie and Josh

Kelly and Miles

It was like a crazy New Year's miracle, but somehow we got all four tiny boys to go to sleep early, and Kate and Payson ran around like lunatics the entire evening.

We partied like it was 1999, except that in 1999 I actually stayed at the party until midnight. I think we called it a night around 10, but that's just 'cause we're old. Just for the record, Josh and I did stay up and ring in the New Year with champagne left over from Fernando and Shanna's wedding.


mini and brother said...

Such cute pictures, sorry we missed it! Oh wait, we weren't invited.. hahah

Kristin said...

I think in 1999 we stayed out way past midnight. I know we barely made it back to church prior to midnight after laser tag and then we started Zorro significantly after midnight. Good times :)