Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quintuplet Date (minus two couples)

We had been planning a five couple date night for a really long time, but when the day finally came, we had to re-adjust due to a lot of yucky sickness. Soooo... this post is all about how we missed Jen, Sean, Robyn and Lance and didn't have any marvelous fun because they weren't there.

Me, Katie and Heather

We did not have fun at all when we piled into Scott and Katie's minivan and had a dance party before we left the parking lot.

In all fairness, we didn't go the restaurant we had originally planned on. Instead, we did not have fun at all at Teneko where I demonstrated that I indeed do not know how to use chopsticks.

We had no fun at all when we went to sing karoke afterwards and Scott was a complete rock star, but I was not.

It wasn't funny at all when we took turns posing behind random karoke singing people.

It's a bit like Where's Waldo, but look closely for Katie

I have more pictures, but Katie looks like this in all of them...

I'm ready to reschedule. Who's with me?


mini and brother said...

It was seriously no fun.

Jen said...

Man, I'm so sorry you guys had such a lousy time.

Heather King said...

I think I'm ready for American Idol.. wait I never had a chance to get the microphone.....mmm I wonder why????

robyn said...

Honestly, I think we had more fun watching Peter Pan at home while Luke puked on Lance's lap. Looks absolutely LAME-O. Too bad. I was hoping you guys would have fun in spite of our absence...sorry!