Friday, February 23, 2007

I Think I May Be "Old"

Let me just preface this by saying that even though I am fully aware of my age, I just don't really feel 31. Hence the following short saga:

Knock, Knock

Me: "Who's that?"

Josh: mouthfull of Chipotle (burrito bol), so *shrug*

I opened the door to find two teenage girls in halter tops - it's freezing outside today, so that's normal - and one of the girls introduced herself as our next door neighbor.

Me: trying to be really cool and also very aware of my unwashed hair - "Hi."

Jen/Jennifer/Jenny?: "Hi, I'm having a get together at my house tonight..."

Me: "She's having a party? And inviting me? What do I say? I can't go, but what do I tell her? Is this some sort of house warming? Are all the neighbors invited or just the cool ones?"

JJJ: "... so it might get kind of loud, but just so you know, we aren't doing anything bad, it's just that some of my friends have parties and the cops get called, so if it gets toooo loud, just come over or I'll give you my number and you can call..."

Me: "Recover! Don't look confused or disappointed!" (Aloud) "Oh, that's cool. Don't worry about it. If you invite me, then I won't tell. Harr Harr."

And then more stupid things came out of my mouth, but in truth, I have blocked them from my memory.

JJJ: *fake laugh*

Me: "Well, have fun tonight. I'll just come over if it gets too out of control." (I just couldn't let it go...)

So, really, what this proves is that the person who used to wear colored slacks and pumps to match, still exists deep inside and at times, scratches and claws her way to the surface, only to face humiliation and then share it with the Internet.



mini and brother said...

As I was reading I totally thought they were inviting you too. So sad.
I think you covered nicely. If I were having a big party, you would be invited.

blogyn said...

I would invite you too, but only if you wear your red stirrup pants.

Jesse said...

I had a similar situation this week where a fellow condo owner said to me and the twins, "I'm having a party at the pool on Saturday if you girls want to come"

So either I'm considered a girl, or I'm not invited. Either way it's sort of depressing. Oh well.


Our Family said...

You were/are so hot! LOVE THOSE PANTS! I wonder if stirrups are going to make a comeback? You guys should have "Stirrup/Pegged Pants Bunco"! teenager, this is what they were saying, "We are totally having a kegger at my house tonight. My parents are completely clueless, but if the cops are called, I will be completely grounded. We are going to get into a lot of trouble and puke in your yard."

If your smart, you'll call the cops when the party gets out of crazy. You don't want teenage drunk drivers on your heart forever.

Our Family said...
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Jen said...

I know...why don't we have a late night party at your house some night and you can go to them and say the same thing...then they'd REALLY think you were cool.