Friday, March 02, 2007

A Birthday in Three Parts

Both Miles and I celebrated our birthdays in February. Yes, I have come to terms with sharing my birthday month. I'm working on Maturity. I'll let you know how it goes.
Party #1:
"The One Where I Asked Kate To Show Off Her Carwheel,
And She Fell On Her Head."

Miles and Matt jammin'

The trampoline. Kate's favorite place to be. There were kids in the tree next door and she thought that it was the actual tree talking to her, "Hey, Tree! What are you doing?"

Party #2:

"The One Where I Went Out With The Girls, Not Knowing That It W
as A Roast."

Jen and I

Carrie and Heather

Astraea and Robyn

Katie, Gaynor and Jen

My fabulous ice cream cake. We went to AJ's afterward for coffee and they surprised me with the cake and Katie's famous lemon bars.

Party #3: "The One Where Miles Woke Up With Spots And Robyn & Com
pany Missed It Because We Thought It Was The Pox. But It Wasn't."

Grandma and Miles



Amelia, Kate and Madison


And then Joe said, "Let's get all the kids together for a picture." I think Scotty should have been holding Amelia instead...

All. Done.

Grace and Tre

Adam and Colin

"Um, Mom. My ear still hurts..."

ps - Thanks Joe for the wonderful pictures.


Ter said...

Sorry you hurt on your first birthday Miles. Your party (ies) look fun..what a cute cake...and your very own too...lots of kids wow...I think it is the water in Chandler..
Love you

Ter said...

OOPS sorry Kel did not realize no comment place after each do you have time in one month for two Wallace Birthdays(that equals like what 6? ;-) )
You all sure know how to party what a fun you

robyn said...

Those darn pretend chicken pox! I'm so sad we missed it. Looks like it was such a fun time with all those sweet and crazy kids lined up on the couch ;)Sorry we have to be freaks!!!

Jen said...

Poor Miles almost got suffocated in the group shot...good thing the picture turned out so well. ;o)

Jenny Brackman said...

We had fun and are so glad you didn't cancel!