Sunday, May 20, 2007


Dear Reader Of This Blog:

I am so sorry for not updating before this. Hectic! Tubes! Bunco! Baby Showers! And I still haven't posted pictures from three weeks ago! Please forgive me and come back often. I'll try to be funnier to make up for it.

Thursday morning was early - 5 am early - so I thought that I would spare anyone else having to get up at that hour by taking Miles to the surgery center by myself. It really did go fine, but those of you who are not Me already know that having an extra pair of hands would have been ideal. First of all, there was no coffee, because I had no way to hold a cup and my child that resembles a boneless mass when he doesn't want to go where you are leading him. Then there was all the other Mommy/Daddy couples with their children, who, by the way, did NOT forget their diaper bag because there was someone else to remind them. Shoot!

On the "What To Bring" paper it said to bring a blankee or lovey, but Miles isn't truly attached to any such object. I brought Frog Munny anyway, just so I wasn't the only one without a husband and a comfort item.

Next came the weighing. Of me. They didn't have a baby scale and Miles went boneless when I tried to stand him on it, so they did that whole hold him and we'll weigh both of you thing, which is fine and dandy until I had to hand him to someone and get on again by myself while the old man volunteer did the math on a pad of paper. He weighs roughly 27 pounds. There.

They then sent us to this "procedure room" where Miles couldn't touch anything, but they did have a People magazine. Katie, Amelia and Scotty showed up (yea!) and confused the poor nurse as to our "relation." "Are you... friends or..."

The anesthesiologist took him after that and Miles actually went pretty willingly. The tubes took about 10 minutes to put in and then I went to get him. He was very floppy and out of it, but he slept on me for the next 15 minutes which was completely worth getting up early for. He's doing really well now and we are thrilled to have this behind us. Thanks for all of the prayers sent on his behalf, we appreciate them so much.


Klhark said...

Yea for those tubes and saying prayers they do their job and keep him healthy. So great to see you all!

Rachel said...

Mikele! I'm so glad that the procedure went quickly and he is doing good. It sounds like it was a slightly stressful morning but that it turned out well. Praise God!

Mrs. Spice said...

Hope the tubes help your little ears Miles! Mikele, you are a champ for going through it all!

Vigilante said...

Awesome news. Hope it helps him.

Now we're waiting for that singing and walking a strait line video...