Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Princess Kate

Queen Abby had a birthday party at Mrs. Pott's Tea Room and Princess Kate was invited. The girls got all dressed up in princess clothes and even met Cinderella! They had their faces painted, played games, and ate tea sandwiches. It was adorable.

Kate and Amelia

Face painting

Reagan and Kim (pre-Grant)
Speaking of Grant! I haven't posted his picture yet, so here's a gratuitous shot that has nothing whatsoever to do with princesses or tea parties...

Grant William

Kennedy, Emily and Kate

Emily and Queen Abby

Cinderella spinning Kate for Pin the Crown on the Princess

The Tea Party

Happy Birthday, Queen Abby!


robyn said...

Um...wasn't this almost a month ago? You are so funny. And belated. Kate is a cute princess :)

Mikele said...

I'm a victim of circumstances

mini and brother said...

The girls were so cute...BACK THEN...