Monday, June 11, 2007

Amelia Turned 4 (like a week ago...)

Most of you have seen some of these pictures, but there's a surprise at the end...

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Kate was so excited to get all princessed up again - the glitter from her dress made Katie's house shimmer. And the car seat. And me.

Kate and Amelia

Cinderella - aka "Robyn"

Just a little game of Pin the Slipper on the Prince's neck

Kate and Kennedy


And introducing...
(just click on his name)

I'm sure he's available for parties...


Rachel said...

Oh goodness, Scotty is so cute! I don't get how he can be so shy, though!! ;-)

Amelia and Kate are looking precious, too.

Mrs. Spice said...

Ok, I can't stop laughing...that video is hilarious.

mini and brother said...

Thanks for the cute pictures Kel. I just love the dancing. Thnak you for capturing the fun.