Saturday, June 09, 2007


In a flurry of peer pressure, I posted Katie's birthday pictures before my own anniversary ones. This does not in any way suggest anything except that I am still thirteen in my head sometimes and I forget that when I get up from a table to go to the bathroom, my friends will still be waiting for me when I return...even when I don't remind them not to leave. Ah, Maturity. And Confidence. They escape me at the wildest times.


I still adore my husband and our anniversary was well marked this sixth year. We had dinner at The Terrace at the Phoencian and even though it's June, we were able to enjoy eating outside.

My skirt was the hot topic of the evening and I'm so sorry, but I don't even have a picture of it for you. I bought it at Sam's Club - you know, along with a giant crate of strawberries - and I had been getting a lot of comments on it. I tried to explain to Josh the phenomenon of how women discuss clothing with other women they don't know and how it's Just A Thing. Funny enough, it totally happened as we got off the elevator:

Complete Female Stranger: "Hey! Cute skirt!"

Me: "Thanks! Sam's Club!"

CFS: "No way! Sam's Club?"

Me: "I know!"

Josh was as stunned as I have ever seen him.

Me: "You see! Hot topic!"

Then, because he seemed so eager to learn, I explained that women comment on other women's clothes all the time. When someone points out that your skirt is cute, your response is dependant on what the most shocking piece of info about the skirt is - was the price awesome? (which is what you will usually get from Katie, "It's Coach, but I got it for 3 cents at Last Chance.) or in my case - the place where I bought it is strange and therefore, noteworthy.

Josh still shook his head at me. I tried to tell him that God made women mysterious, so that men wouldn't get tired of us.

Let's just say that he and I will be here to mark year seven next June.


Our Family said...

Here's to the next fifty!!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I wish I could see the skirt.

Mrs. Spice said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Jen said...

Whoa...I'm so impressed...I was gone for 3 days and you have 2 new posts when I get back...that must be a first. ;o)

mini and brother said...

Happy 6th. I wish you at least 44 more. Get it... that makes 50.

blogyn said...

Happy Anniversary! Neat dessert plate.

Vigilante said...

The only comments I get on my clothes are, "didn't I wear that last year and give it to you?"

Uh, maybe....