Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who Told Him That He Isn't A Baby Anymore?

So, Miles.

He's 16 months old. Already.

I looked at him tonight and truly realized that my baby is a toddler.

Little by little I am doing less for him and he is doing more for himself.

He's discovered that whatever Kate has looks much better than what is currently in his hand.

Still. Hates. Shoes.

We're not hearing much in the way of talking, but he makes his opinions known in a way that is pretty clear.

He runs. To the pool. Deep end, please.

And he no longer wants me to feed him.



Our Family said...

Go Miles! I love how he has to put his spoon down to say bye! Where did these blonde boys come from?!?

Hey Miles, does your mom know that it's summer? Those jammies look a little warm...

blogyn said...

Good job Miles! I'm with Astrea...that little blonde boy is so not yours.

mini and brother said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Great job Miles. Who needs talking?!

Rachel said...

This post made me a little sad.

Carrie said...

The blonde hair is a great look! Come on now ... be honest ... is it from a box?

Can Miles give Howie lessons on holding a spoon? We have issues with that one over here! Maybe we could swap lessons ... we'll teach animals noises and Miles can teach the proper use of utensils!