Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Aubrey and Montana

The wedding was breathtaking. Even more so since it took place right smack after the gusting wind and rain that fell on us for two days.

We just all wanted to be together.

Me and Kristin

Robyn and Lance

The conga line was clearly out of control...

Fun Kristi and Jenny

I wish we were in Hawaii for two weeks...

Wah wah.


blogyn said...

Yay! You updated and it's not even January yet :) Here are my comments in no particular order:
1) Not a flattering picture of me and the bride. Thanks for posting that one.
2) I think I see yer spanx in the last pic (ha).
3) Why's my husband doing Blue Steele face?
4) That was such a fun wedding! I'm glad we could all cuddle up at the table. Who's getting married next? ;)

mini and brother said...

I love the little table picture. SO FUN. I think 10 adults at a tiny table is normal.