Monday, December 03, 2007

Walt Disney Presents

6 people,
20 hours in an RV,
3 day Park Hopper,
1 Monte Cristo,
5 princesses,
1 bout of food poisoning,
and 2 very happy kiddos.


Mrs. Spice said... the pictures. Hey, on Kater's college application she can actually say, "I met all the Disney Princesses." It will totally get her into ASU for sure.

I am still recovering from reading..."20 hours in an RV."

I am jealous...and I have decided that I will be packing myself in your suitcase next time.

Welcome back!

Our Family said...

Glad you had fun!! No seafood next time... :)

blogyn said...

Looks so fun!!! Some great pictures of the kids in there. Yes, I am able to join you next time, and I won't even eat oysters. Ever. Promise.

Kristi said...

I, for one, am both mesmerized and amazed! How fun. :)

mini and brother said...

Loved it all. That Santa is the biggest thing I've ever seen.

Rachel said...

Your children are so adorable - I loved the picture of Kate with the lollipop, so cute. Sorry about the food poisoning, but it still looks like you managed to have a blast.

Jen said...

How fun! The pictures were well worth the wait ;o)

Klhark said...

what a great time of year to visit Disneyland! Love the RV shots and the family together :) What a great way to travel.

Travis and Carin said...

super feeling even more pressured to join the blogging world!!