Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Seed's Winter Performance

Kate and Grace were twin birds in their preschool's winter program.

I had the task of keeping this lunatic from kidney punching the women in front of me.

And, now the video...


Her grand entrance...


This is about the point where my dad asked if all of these kids went to the Little Gym. I guess no one thought to clue him in to what he was watching. I wonder if it was the lack of cartwheels that caught his attention.


It was the sweetest show and Kate was a darling. When it was over she immediately asked me if Miles had brought her flowers. Ooops.

ps - don't worry.... no one was offended in the making of this winter performance. Whew!


Rachel said...

Next time I bet you'll bring flowers! I'm glad no one was offended, how could they - they were so adorable!

blogyn said...

Ah, the ever festive, unoffensive "Winter Solstice" Program ;) Looks like it was cute and that Kate had a good time! Hope you were successful in your attempts to restrain Miles from doing damage to the ladies in front of you!

Our Family said...

The cutest birds EVER!!