Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some New Additions

My New Year's gift to all of you...

First, I bring you "Say It Isn't So!" A new blog by my dear friend, Carin. You can tell that it's a real friendship when you've worn her husband's chaps. Repeatedly. She has two sweet kiddos - April and Wyatt, and they just moved into their dream house. She's lovely.

Next, Rochelle and her expanding belly have just entered the blog world with "The Geryol Adventure." Rochelle is our Director of Children's Ministries at LifeQuest and is pregnant with their first small human. I'm just not sure how long she's gonna be able to stay balanced on that new beach cruiser...
Finally, an oldie, but a goodie. Jenny has been posting for longer than I have - I think. She went all private on us for a while, but I'm here to out her. Her husband, Joe, is a brilliant photographer and has done our Christmas pictures for a few years (minus this year since our family had a big group thing done). Jenny has a adorable daughter, Clarissa, and she's expecting Elliot in March. Oh, and you'll find her at "Joyful Incompetence."
I hope this brings you some fresh reading for the new year. Don't worry about a thank you note.

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TCAW said...

Thanks for the sweet intro. In an odd way I feel some sort of pressure or expectation to live up to. LOL
Hope you had a very happy holidays.