Friday, January 04, 2008

Ringing It In

We headed north for New Years and Aunt Cara's 19th birthday. Kate had fun crashing at Grandma and Granddad's house while Josh, Miles and I stayed at Jake and Jocelyn's place.

Gavin, Aunt Jocelyn and Miles - we tried (hard) to get a picture of the boys in their footie jammers, but this is the best we could do.

Gavin was really into looking at the pictures on my camera...

"Can I have it back now?"

"How 'bout now?"

"Lady, I'm beggin' ya. Who can resist this face?"

He tried to trade me his drumset.

Miles was ready to make the deal happen. However, I would literally lose my mind if it were in my house.

Kate and Aunt Cara

Grandma Cheryl bought this little itty bitty thing of a horse and despite the fact that it is in the family way, she plopped all three grandkids on it for a ride.

Oh, it was freeeeeezing! I was advised to bring gloves for the little ones next time. Maybe a freaking parka for myself as well...

We brought in the New Year with a bit of Dutch Blitz (which I conquered) and a bit of Dick Clark. Too much of either can put one over the edge.


Our Family said...

Freezing? Really?!? I don't even want to hear it.

Jen said...

Can I ride the mini-horse?

blogwisdomyn said...

The horse looks ticked ;)
Don't forget your warmies this weekend!

Mrs. Spice said...

Is it a horse or a really big cat who gives children rides on its back?

mini and brother said...

I love the drums and I feel sorry for the olittle horse. Glad you had fun. Is Kara in her robe?!