Saturday, May 03, 2008

Miss Temple Hits The Wedding Circuit

It was such a fun and beautiful wedding.

Sarah and her mom

Sarah and Michael - Mr. and Mrs. for the first time


My Uncle Ed and Aunt Yosh - Michael's parents

Kate and my mom

Tina (baby #4), my mom and me

Brenda (my cousin - our moms are sisters) and Jim

The reception was fabulous. Kate had the best time and participated in everything from the conga line (so sorry to whoever's behind she desperately held on to - she's short) to the dollar dance (only with Sarah) to trying to catch the bouquet (she missed) to the Electric Slide (na na na na) to the toasts (with apple cider).

Bouquet toss

She even got to feel up the Bride.

Kate and my dad

A very tired, yet happy, girl.



Astraea said...

Gorgeous!! Love Katers hair. Grace likes that they have twin hair!

Where was Miles? I can't believe that poor little brother didn't get to come with you. Therapy is coming...

Jen said...

That picture of Kate with the bride is hysterical!

Carrie said...

Love Kate putting the moves on the bride! Who did her hair? It's fantastic!

blogyn said...

Ms. Temple has attended quite a few weddings recently! She looks really cute with those ringlets.
I'm with Astraea--where's Miles???

Mikele said...

You guys have forgotten that I'm a tardy poster! This was when Miles was still sick - I thought that I might spare everyone the yuck.

mini and brother said...

Beautiful wedding!! I am loving Katers hair. The picture of she and the bride is priceless. Can you please submit that to some funny magazine or something.

Rachel said...

LOL @ 'feel up the bride' - what a gorgeous couple, though!!