Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The kiddos and I threw Josh a surprise party at Joe's for his 32nd birthday...

The Birthday Boy and his husband, Scott

Adam, Colin, Heather and Baby Alex (Alex loved the ribs, by the way)

Jen, Jordan, Sean and Madison

M-Dog made a sweet card for Josh... in cursive... not really.

Ben, Baby Eli, Carrie and Joshua Howard

My mom, Kate and my dad

It was a raving success - check out Katie's blog for more pictures

Happy Birthday, Hot Josh. Love you.


Carrie said...

Glad Joshua could be so calm for that picture! Can we borrow Miles sometime? It would make our dinners WAY more mellow!!

Anonymous said...

I think I have only commented one other time - I like the "HJ" reference :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Josh!

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Josh!

blogyn said...

I'm glad at least my rear made it into a picture. Um, thank you?
Glad we could be part of the fun night! Good party planning, Kel :)

mini and brother said...

Such a great night, we sure do love you guys!!

Kristi said...

The Birthday Boy and husband are seriously cute. ;)

Mrs. Spice said...

Sorry we missed it...looks like fun. To make up for it...we will come by the house and surprise Josh...he won't know when...and he won't know how....we'll just show up.