Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Wedding For Miriam

Greetings from Victoria! Josh and I made the trek north for Miriam's wedding and we had such a wonderful time. We stayed with Daniel, Nancee and their sweet little Lily - Daniel and Josh were each other's best men in our weddings and Miriam even sang at ours. It was incredibly special to be invited.

Daniel, Me, Nancee and Josh - Nancee is due with baby #2 in the fall and no, she isn't finding out if it's a girl or boy...

Victoria is known for it's lush botanical landscape. These tulips are in their backyard. It's amazing.

Miriam asked Josh to sing at the wedding and I was treated to a practice as soon as we landed:

Paola is Daniel and Miriam's sister and has an unbelievable voice - I also got to meet Sharon, who is another one of those Canadians that you meet and immediately want to be friends with.

On Friday, we took a (long) walk (well, long for us - we're used to driving everywhere) to downtown Victoria for coffee.

Lily and her soymilk

We had lunch on the dock at a place called Red Fish, Blue Fish. Check out the link, it's pretty interesting.

Friday evening was the rehearsal and dinner

Nancee's mom and dad flew in from Calgary. Josh and I had stayed at their home 7 years ago when we came up for Daniel and Nancee's wedding - a short month before our own.

The church...

...and the view

The dinner was held at a friend's house and it was pretty impressive. This is the "driveway."

Miriam is on the left in the jean jacket, and Drew, the guitarist for Switchfoot is on the right by Nancee. Josh was excited to meet him - to say the least. Drew's wife, Jenna, is one of Miriam's best friends and they had come up from California for the wedding. We actually ran into them on Thursday evening at a coffee shop where Daniel introduced us. The conversation turned to music and Josh asked Drew if he sang. He said, "I play a little guitar." It wasn't until we left that Daniel mentioned that he played for Switchfoot. A little guitar, huh?

Daniel saved us all from a random topiary fire.

I found these spiders by the window and Josh found the right setting on the camera to make them look huge and gross.


Josh and Luke (another sibling of Daniel's)

Hannah (Paola's daughter)


Just munchin' on some sushi

Miriam and Roger

Josh took this as we were driving away.

We enjoyed every minute and, Canada, we adore you - even though you didn't stamp my passport and I did meet my first mean Canadian* while in Aveda - we can't wait to come back.

Nancee and Daniel, thank you for the great food and hospitality. We wish you would get down here already! Lily, Kate and Miles are itching to love on you... and maybe you could get them to try a chickpea.

* I suppose she could have been American, I didn't really ask.


Jen said...

SO many littlespace for me to comment. So, I'll just say...BE-A-U-TIFUL pictures...great picture of you and look hot in your dress...I want to go with you next time (would that be weird?)...and Miriam sang at your wedding, huh? No wonder she didn't look familiar ;o)

CandiDurbin said...

Oh my goodness...everything looked so beautiful. I cant believe you met the guy from switchfoot!

Rachel said...

I want to go to Canada now! I'm sure it's cold and snowy in the winter though, right? And I need a 'friend' with a massive house like that where I can throw parties. Lily is beautiful. And a mean Canadian?? Doubtful - I'm sure she was American, we're the meanest.

Great pics, they are beautiful!!

blogyn said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad you guys could be there!

Carrie said...

Looks like a fabulous time! Victoria is GORGEOUS! The weather looked fantastic ... and you didn't have your kids with you ... YIPPIEE! What a fun time!

Kristi said...


mini and brother said...

I love every bit of your vacation. The flowers are beautiful, that little Lily is a doll and it looks like you had the best time. So glad you have those wonderful friends.

Jenny said...

Wow, what beauty. You can tell your friends if they ever need to hire a guitarist I know a pretty good one.