Sunday, October 12, 2008

The House of Beringer and The House of Martini

On our second day in Napa, we visited Beringer Winery. I learned a lot of things, but, most importantly, that it is VERY WRONG to rinse out your wine glass between tastings. WRONG. Of course, I couldn't tell if I diluted anything anyway...

They let you pick grapes right off the vine which is pretty cool. We would have bootlegged them anyway, but it was nice to not have to hide in the vines.

Then we headed over to a little winery called Cuvaison. Adam had been practicing the name for weeks, but our overall impression was less than stellar. However, you just couldn't beat the gorgeous weather and view.

We needed something to eat that wasn't cheese, so we found a sweet spot to eat hamburgers and play the Official Sport of Napa - bocce ball.

Abiding by the "traditional" rules was not as important to the ladies.

After a quick "Napa Nap," the Martini House was on our iterary for the evening. Yes, there was an itenary. It rocked. This was their world famous apple-tini.

Adam and Heather

Still more to come.


Carrie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair do!! Blond and sleek! Very cute :)

Dana said...

I heart the Martini House! One of my fave places in the world to eat. Especially outside under the trees.

mini and brother said...

Me too Dana!

Kel, you look beautiful and it looks like the dreamest vacation.
When we go there together let's not forget to eat at the Martini House.

blogyn said...

I love all of it and I wish I was there. Sort of like last weekend-- just the five of us. ;) Did you misspell "itinerary" two different ways on purpose to be funny or were you enjoying some wine while you blogged this? Love you!