Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Asked, Now You Shall Receive

I got coached in the comment section of this here blog, so in order to avoid any more such complaints... I give you... my children... video
Gearing up for HSM 3

A series called, Waiting On My Sister To Finish Gymnastics or If My Mom Had These Chairs At Home, I Would Never Touch Them.


If you are a member of my mom's side of the family, you might need to know that I did not put them up to this. It's just in their blood.

Ms. Amy and Miles at The Little Gym. He said that his shirt had clouds on it. "Camo," I said. "Camel?" Forget it. I'll teach you how to be a man tomorrow.


mini and brother said...

Thank you!
Nice singing. What the heck was that second song?
Nice camel Miles.

Jen said...

Good thing he was wearing camo while he was singing HSM songs...makes it slightly more manly...slightly...

Carrie said...

YIPPIE! The children LIVE! Hooray! I was starting to get worried. I almost can't see Miles in that last picture. His camel shirt totally blends in with the scenery!

Astraea said...

I'm really digging Miles' dance moves!!

Robyn said...

I love how Miles copies Kate's silent instructions to take a bow. They are something else. Love them!