Saturday, October 18, 2008

Must. Finish. Napa.

On day three, we took a limo wine tour to three different wineries. The first one we visited was Adastra. A former surgeon - turned winemaker - was our guide. He took us around his property and offered us five different varieties of his organic tomatoes. It was nice having something besides cheese to eat.

Adastra's original label.

Our next stop was Frazier.

A tasting straight from the barrel.

Then came Fleury, where we used the bathroom in a large barrel and I broke my shoe, though not at the same time.

That's Adam coming out of the "facilities."

Our last stop was... oh, I don't remember... it's a very new winery and we were their first tour.

That stuff is $125 a bottle. Sadly, it didn't taste any better to me.

On our last day in Napa, we drove to this castle which, apparently, was brought over brick by brick from somewhere...else. We declined the wine tour. And yes, there was a point where we'd all just tasted too much.

The last stop was V. Sattui Winery where we walked around the beautiful grounds and Josh went into "macro" mode. On our way to the airport, we stopped in Sausalito for lunch and some quiet, reflective time on the shore before heading back home. Mmmmm... burgers.

"What's up?"

Finally, to Ghiradelli Square for chocolate and coffee. The End.


mini and brother said...

Dreamy. Enough now, I need some pictures of your kids and AZ and all that.

Astraea said...

Since I can't stand wine, should I pass on a vacation to Napa?

Jen said...

Love the necklace ;o) Why weren't you wearing shoes?

Are you close to being caught up now...close enough that you can start taking pictures of things again?

Carrie said...

Ahh ... you guys just keep looking happier as the days went on ... all that wine and chocolate ... who wouldn't be happy!

I'm with Katie ... I haven't seen a picture of your children in WEEKS!! Granted, I live 10 minutes down the road and there is really no excuse for me not popping over ... but could we get a little M and K???

Kristi said...

No shoes? It it a Cali thing?

Jenny said...

I agree that when it comes to wine quality, ignorance is bliss.

Kim F said...

I'm sleepy just thinking of all the wine you had.
Looks SO beautiful there...and relaxing. I wanna go.

Jasmyn said...

I'm with astrea, I can't stand wine, but the rest of it looks fantastic. do you think if I went I could get a pina colada instead???