Friday, January 09, 2009

Sometimes It's Easy Being Green

One of Kate's most favorite things is a rainbow. She draws them constantly. So, it was a sweet surprise for her that this year she performed the part of "Green" in the rainbow for the Winter Solstice program at school.
We searched for an all-green outfit and I called her the Jolly Green Giant. This really confused my mom who couldn't figure out what the vegetable guy was doing in the rainbow song.
Before the show: Kate (JJG), Aria and Grace

In order to prevent the "kicking people in the back" problem that we had last year, my dad brought suckers. Weird how he gave Miles the blue one and he sucked on Cream Soda.

Love her


robyn said...

Kate rocked! She looked cute in her green and did a great job jumping and following the dance moves. Dan Zanes would be proud. Happy (or is it Merry?) Winter Solstice.

Astraea said...

Beautiful girls! Will you email me the picture of the three girls? Grace was so worried about the ribbons on her arms, she missed half the moves...

Jen said...

Great job, Kate! Not only would Dan Zanes be proud, but I'm sure the green stripe in the rainbow would be too!

Welcome to the wonderful world of suckers! It's one of my core parenting techniques...but why did I NEVER think of giving them the cream soda ones? Duh.

mini and brother said...

Kater has the cutest face, even in a really green outfit. She and Grace are gonna really miss each other next year.

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