Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weird, But True

So... Kate is 44 inches tall and she weighs... 44 pounds. Easy to remember and kind of a fun fact, right?
Well, I just found out that Miles is 37 inches tall (thanks, IKEA) and weighs... 37 pounds.
Just thought ya'll would want to know...

Also, I'm pre-warning all of you. There's lots of delayed blogging to come. Don't let it shock you. Or cause you to not comment. Come on, join me in this celebration of the past.


Carrie said...

Yeah ... thanks, IKEA. I took Joshua there the other day. Gal told him he could go in. Then told him to take his shoes off and check with height. "Um ... sorry. He's not tall enough!" Do you think we could have figured that out before you told the kid to go in?

I think Joshua might be 37 pounds in 2nd grade.

Kristi said...

Pretty awesome action shot!

Robyn said...

Bring it.

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