Tuesday, April 21, 2009

301st Post

In case you care - here are the answers...
1. And yes, Kristin, It's the same one I bought in Hawaii wayyy back. Nice job. Do you happen to remember the dates???
2. Katie and Kristin got it. She was born in December and her only aunt (at the time) was Cara who was also born in December and whose middle name was Noelle. The First Noel was just a coincidence. :) 3. Kristin again. Josh and Mike got matching tatoos in high school. No they didn't. 4. Katie got this one. 9.10 5. Carrie! You got two out of three.
1. Couples who dress alike. I'm sure that I am offending someone here.

2. Bad grammar - Jen got this one too. 3. Katie and Holly. Stains on clothes. Drives me nuts. This will explain my kids' outfits that day. Miles had art class and Kate had painting at school. When they say that the paint will totally come out, they mean, no it really won't. Wear crap.

Carrie, you had my fourth one too. I love fountain Pepsi. And I am funny.

6. Kristin, Katie, Holly and Robyn got it. Jen did not. 7. Jake, Zack, Ben and Cara 8. Well, no one got this one... Miles thanks you for the pink suggestions.

Kristin got 5 points and Katie got 6 points, but she stole one from Kristin. You both win. I'm not sure what yet, but it will be awesome.


Robyn said...

I'm glad you're toes aren't hairy because then that closeup picture would be gross. Love you and all your fun facts.

Kristin said...

My guess on getting the toe ring is your August 2002 trip??? I don't remember you getting it on your honeymoon and I think you had it prior to having kids. I am pretty sure that was when you went to HI in 2002 and I can't think of any other HI trips you have taken. Am I right?

Astraea said...

I had the EXACT thought as Robyn!

Jen said...

I think I should get extra credit points for creativity.

Anonymous said...

That is incorrect!

Famous basketball player is:
Daniel Mari

and we have a matching "xo D+J" inscribed with a permanent sharpie on our inner thighs