Sunday, April 19, 2009

300th Post

So, a little game about our family for you. The winner gets a prize. Answer in the comments and the person who gets the most right by Tuesday sometime wins. Go!
1. What word is on my toe ring? 2. What is Kate's middle name and why? (one point for each) 3. What famous basketball player did Josh play with in high school? 4. What did Miles weigh when he was born? 5. Name one of my three pet peeves (or bonus for more)? 6. What did Kate dress up like on her first Halloween? 7. Name Josh's siblings in order - oldest first. 8. What is Miles' favorite color?


Kristin said...

1. No clue - is this still the toe ring you got in Hawaii?
2. Noelle - She was born in December, her aunt's middle name is Noelle and you like singing The First Noel.
3. Mike Bibby
4. 8 pounds, ? ounces
5. You don't like an unorganized classroom - I don't think that is a pet peeve. I guess I really don't know the answer to this one.
6. A last minute, put-together pumpkin outfit???
7. Josh, Jake, Zach, Ben and Cara
8. Blue???

So, can other people now cheat off of my answers?

Astraea said...

Yes, we can all cheat off Kristen's answers. She should get the prize for being first!

mini and brother said...

I'm going to be more right!!!

1- Love or peace? Or I don't think it says anything.
2-December and Kara's middle name.
3-Mike Bibby.
4- 9.10
5- words like moist
stains on clothes
people not thinging your funny
place that don't have fountain
6- Dorky pumpkin sweater at the last minute. Poor girl.
7-Jake, Zach, Ben and Kara

Did I win?!

**I cheated off of Kristin on the basketball one. I've never heard of him.

mini and brother said...


mini and brother said...


Jen said...

Well dangit. Kristin and Katie seemed to have covered all the right answers, but I still want to play, so I'm just gonna make things up...
1) Namaste
2) Louise
3) Charles Barkley
4) 11.1
5) misspeeling
6) A turnip
7) Larry, Moe, Curly and Cara

Jen said...

Oops, I forgot Miles' favorite color...purple...real men LOVE purple.

Kristi said...

I was here.

Robyn said...

Aw, Kate in her pumpkin sweater. Poor little bugger.

Carrie said...

You love characters on clothing (almost as much as I do) which I why I'm a bit shocked at the picture of your children :) You hat mispeelings. You never venture far from your favorite sandwich at the Cheesecake Factory. And you know what else ... it would probably really help if you could take your ceiling up a foot or two? Just to sell it faster, okay :)

Astraea said...

You can't stand boys with shaggy hair, people who don't give their kids a bath EVERY NIGHT, wearing jeans more than two days before washing them, and people who go more that a day without washing their hair...oh, wait... ;)

mini and brother said...

Astraea, that comment is the best!

Mrs. Spice said...

1. Are toe rings still in?

2. Cutie Patootie. If it's should be.

3. Mike Bibby. BAM!

4. 10 lbs and a lot of ounces.

5. When your kids get stuff on their clothes.

6. Pumpkin.

7. Mary, Laura, Carrie, Tiger the dog...

8. Pink...

Scott Murray said...

Shawn Marion!