Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009

He is Risen! Our Easter was wonderful - full of family, friends and our Jesus.

Four out of our Five Families at EVBC on Resurrection Sunday.

One of my sweet friends let me know that my video montages are not necessarily her favorite item on this here blog. She digs the commentary version. So, because I love her, I'm going to give you a verbal play by play.

On Good Friday, Adam and Heather hosted an Easter egg hunt and family dinner. Someone tell Luke that he hasn't found any yet...

Kate-orade (thanks, Adam for the new nickname) and M-Dog Let the hunting begin!

Checking out... ...Owen's loot. The strange item in Adam's hand is a homemade pinata. Hence the next picture.

Sweet friend, how do you feel about collages?

Jen. Hunting for an egg. Ready? Heh. Alex was just as happy with the empty ones. Jen, Robyn, Me and Heather

It was an Easter miracle that I got them all to look at the same time.

Hey Colin... over here, Dude.

After the egg hunt and a really yummy dinner, the kids decorated cookies.

On Easter morning, my mom gave the kids their baskets (Josh and I got one too. I'm an only child. I accept it.) and we went hunting for eggs again.

Miles counted every last one. Grandma and Kate

Happy Resurrection Day!


Carrie said...

So the fifth family ... was it us?

Okay, okay ... I already know the answer :)

I didn't get an Easter basket. Joshua was a little upset about that. Maybe I can talk to your mom!

Love the picture of Joshua and Katers!!!

Robyn said...

You see, it's missing out on your witty comments that makes me not like the slideshows. So thank you for humoring me ;) Collages are hawt.

Kristin said...

Does Kate sit in the rocks often?

mini and brother said...

I love every bit of this. I am crazy over Jen's crazy face. She must hate you for posting that. I love it. Love Katorade. Love the egg hunt. Love the wittness most of all. Miss you. What's the matter with poor Miles in the last one?
Your yard looks nice. I'd totally buy your house.

Jasmyn said...

I have to agree with Robyn...I enjoy your witty commentary much more also.

Oh by the way, we opened up your letter in the car after getting the mail and Kade is obsessed with the picture of Miles. Whenever he gets in the car he asks wehre Miles is and now is soooo excited that they are going to be in the same class for preschool! :)

Jen said...

ACK! I should know better than to make weird faces (while running, no less...I hate myself right now) while there's a blooger and a camera present. I'd really like to say a swear word right now.