Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Another One Gone

This week, my friend Robyn and her boys finally moved to Iowa to join Lance. We knew the day was coming, but somehow, it really snuck up on me. It's so weird to think that they're gone and that in just one short year, I've packed up two friends and sent them to the midwest. Robyn, in honor of you guys, I went and found some memories...
This is one of the earliest pictures I have of Robyn, Lance and Owen. This was days after Amelia was born and I was 6 months pregnant with Kate. And that bar chair now lives in Jen's house.
Christmas 2004 at the Ahwatukee Boat Parade or something. That's Luke in the front carrier.
Katie and Robyn visiting a just-born Miles. I cropped myself out. You can thank me later.
This was Josh's birthday in April 2006.

Jen and Sean's pool on Memorial Day? Oh, those babies!

Owen's fifth birthday
Our trip to New Mexico to see Beth Moore.
Amelia's birthday with a real live Cinderella.
Girl's Night
Women's Retreat 2007. Best picture ever.
Dinner out for my birthday. Heather was pregnant with Alex.
Phase One party at our house.
Baby Mac is born in July 2008
August. Our last night all together - minus Miles because he was sick...
Kate's 5th birthday party.
Katie's visit to Phoenix in January. The last night.
Lance, loading up the truck... ...with a little help from Nate (Robyn's brother), Cory and her dad. Bye, kitchen with the really clean floors and yummy RO water... Bye, white carpet that you can't walk on with shoes. Bye, rug that you put your shoes on. Bye, house. Iowa is lucky to have you. Happy Birthday, Lance. Now, come home.


Jen said...

I'm dying! These pictures are awesome! Even though I hate myself in more than one of them...that's ok...I'll take one for the team. Now, I'm just sitting here, missing our friends, but am SO happy about all the wonderful memories we've made together over the years. Love you guys!

Blog Stalker said...

I am so happy you have such wonderful memories together and so sad that two members are missing all at the same time...I don't know what to feel.

Carrie said...

You guys all have really cool jeans. WOW!

Robyn said...

Thanks, Kel! Love you guys.

mini and brother said...

Thanks for cropping yourself on Miles birth picture but leaving me with Macker... scary!

I really am crying, I've never seen Robyn's house so empty. What memories we have. I'm really thankful.

I just wish she moved down the street from me.

Anonymous said...

Not too surprising because folks in the mid-west just are not comfortable around 'doys'!!!

Mrs. Spice said...

What fun to see all the kids growing up! Precious memories.

Montana & Aubrey said...

That is so sad! We are praying for yall!