Friday, May 22, 2009

Found! Kate's Awana Graduation!

These precious pictures were amongst the highjacked items last week. I'm so thankful to have them back.
Kate graduated from Awana Cubbies this year and she worked extra hard on finishing last year's book as well. I was so excited to sew that last patch on and then Jen reminded me that I have to start all over for Miles in the fall. She suggested removable covers on Kate's vest that I just remove each time he earns one. Don't be surprised...

Michael and Kate - Gaynor apparently has a picture of them kissing that night. I guess that's one way of celebrating.

Kate and Daddy

It was such a great year. Gaynor was the BEST Cubbies teacher and Miles would be thrilled to have her next. Sparks, bring it on.


Jasmyn said...

So cool-
Where did you/will you do Awana's and what day was it? I am trying to figure out where to put Kade.

Carrie said...

Oh ... I'm laughing so hard right now. But to write down why that is just wouldn't make sense. I'll call :)

Kristin said...

I have not heard the Cubbies song for years, but yet still knew every word :) Good job Kate.

Astraea said...

I can't wait to see the kissing picture...what else would you do at your Awana graduation?!?

mini and brother said...

I love Gaynor and I'm so glad Kater loved Cubbies! Awesome.

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