Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While We Were Away

The Grandmas took turns keeping track of the kiddos.

Drawing with highlighters and taping them up are favorite activities there.

Heather dropped in a couple times to take them away to classes. This is Miles' popcorn hand he made.

Miles' new obsession with puzzles

They love eating on her counter... Slippin' and slidin' "We're fine here. No need to rush home."

My mom got to take Kate to her Kindergarten open house. This is her classroom. Meeting Mrs. Martin They ran into Heidi! I guess she's home from Sweden.

Thanks, Mom and Cheryl and Aunt Cara and Heather and Carrie for keeping them entertained and safe while we were gone. It takes a village, eh?


Carrie said...

Yeah for Mrs. Martin. We love her! And if she forgets her lunch next year ... I'll just cook her up something fancy ... and walk it over!
Oh ... and thanks for not mentioning that I made your child cry! Sorry about that!

feather said...

Miles favorite part of the popcorn hands were the candy corn nails... A must activity for Halloween next year :) Colin is still asking when we can pick up his friends again???