Monday, February 08, 2010

I Love Birthdays, Yes I Do!

Since I am extremely fond of going out to eat, I celebrated my birthday by... well, doing that a lot.

First came Girl's Night at Pita Jungle. Jen, Robyn, Astraea, Kristi and Katie... you were sorely missed. No one even asked me to share. It was awesome. Kim even brought me a little crown to wear and, if you know me at all, aren't surprised that I put it on immediately.

It also scored me a free americano.
On my actual birthday, Heather donned my Cubbies shirt and subbed for me at Awana so that Josh and I could go out to dinner. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
We got our Blue Wasabi on.

Then dinner with my parents. The sparkler was my favorite.

Now, I must pass the birthday torch to my son. I hope he wants to eat out...


Carrie said...

Sharing. How did we forget? It was probably all the big words the waitress was using like ... compartmentalized ... it took us off guard. Next year ... there will be DOUBLE sharing and playlist swapping ... it will be great!

Jen said...

I'm scared of you in that coffee picture. I won't even say what I thought you looked like, because it is your birthday....well, in blogland, anyway. You're welcome.

Just wait til this weekend...I've already called ahead to all the restaurants and told them we're going halfsies on everything.

Mrs. Spice said...

Heather, that was seriously the best gift. Ever! Not saying...I wouldn't have done something like that....but NO...I wouldn't.

I'm sorry the freaky waitress with the giant vocabulary forgot the candles on your cake. I feel like we should have a do-over just for that.

You are a shining birthday girl. I was a little disappointed we didn't go around the table and say what we liked most about you. I had come here it goes...

Mikele I admire the way you selflessly think of others.

Happy Birthday!

mini and brother said...

Happy Birthday for the 500th time.

feather said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for posting the picture of me in the Awana mini dress.... Fashion at its best! And I will sub for you ANYTIME as long as I can wear your cubbie shirt!

Kristi said...

I would've totally snuck a bit off your plate. So sad to have missed!

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

word verification: peenes - hello morning gutter mind.

Robyn said...

Wish I was there for all of it! Well, maybe not your date night with Josh, but everything else. :) Happy Birthday! (I'll keep saying it throughout the rest of the month if you want.)