Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Satin Sheets To Lie On

We just returned from the SA-TOAL (San Antonio Trip of a Lifetime) where we spent 5 glorious days with some of our bestest friends. It was such a perfect trip and tears were shed when it was over.
The title is a song that for some odd reason my mom used to sing to me. Anyone (besides Jen) know the rest? I was reminded of it during our stay in San Antonio because Jen bought these awesome $5 "satin" sheets for our visit. Every morning I would wake up and the sheets were off and we were sleeping on the mattress.
On with it...

My children (not prompted by myself) refreshing themselves on safety procedures.

We landed (safely) and after a mighty fine reception, headed back to the house to get settled. Could their house be any more charming?? Kate and Madison I know it's the law, but I'm a little mad a Sean for defecting. This is some early Valentines' adoration as we waited the next morning at the Pancake Haus. Technology babysat while the adults chatted. Turns out, the pancakes were good, but Jen and I SHARED the best omlette that has ever graced my palate. After breakfast we took a walk around the River Walk (two words or one?) and the Alamo. We had to jump. The Alamo... can you spot the kids? That evening was a Daddy-Daughter dance held at Sean and Jen's church. Jen was in charge of updo's and handmade corsages. She even plucked the leaves out of her backyard.
Precious girls. And yes, while the foursome were out dancing the night away, Jen and I took the two younger ones to Hobby Lobby. Jen had crocheted a beanie for Jordan and I felt that I could rock one, so we went looking for yarn. I even stayed up and watched Project Runway (and liked it).
More to come... including me in a beanie.


Robyn said...

Your kids are total rule followers. Where did they get that, I wonder? Um, you SHARED? I don't even know you any more. Kate looked beautiful for her big date night. Love you guys and so happy for the fun weekend!

Jen said...

1) When you find faux satin sheets in the grocery store right next to the frozen can you NOT buy them?
2) I cried pretty much throughout the entire trip. Tears of joy.
3) I'm mad at Sean for defecting too! I'll drag my feet as long as I can.
4) Yay for technology.
5) Thank you for sharing!
6) The beanie did look awesome on you....regardless of what some pictures may lead you to believe.
7) Miss you guys lie crazy. That was the best 5 days of my San Antonian life.

Carrie said...

Satin sheets, huh? Love the tree swing ... love the Alamo ... and the Riverwalk ... and that you had the best time! WELCOME HOME!

mini and brother said...

Precious!! Keep them coming!~