Friday, April 16, 2010

Darkest Before The Dawn

Alternately titled:
Things We Do For Our Children That Will Never Be Fully Appreciated
So, here in the desert, summer is... well... here. Not officially, but, I mean... it's HERE. That means swim lesson sign ups, the game of figuring out how many Vacation Bible Schools you can send your kids to (four) and also... summer movies!!!!!
Somehow, none of us this year could order the movie tickets through school, so it was up to Holly and me to go stand in line for them. Last year, Holly went at 6am and was like, 25th in line. This year, we were gonna beat that.
I arrived.
Not ONE soul was there. Pitch black. I set up our "waiting station." I checked for confirmation as to what time it was all going down. I called Holly and gave her the all clear to stop for coffee. Quick nap. (Hey, new Gap hoodie!)
Holly arrives with said coffee and we settle in for the wait. 6:16!!!!!! Someone other than us arrives. I'm mentally figuring out just how much longer I could have slept.
A decent line finally starts to form. Yawn.
Hey! We know you!
First ones in. First ones out. Can you see the lazy suckers in the background?


mini and brother said...

LOVE you guys. I would have been there just to spend time with you girls even though I hate movies. I love every bit of the play by play including the new hoodie. Is it coral or orange?

Mikele said...

Girl, you would have been there with a plate of lemon bars. Dang.

It's tomato red.

Carrie said...

You guys are awesome. And yes ... KM would have been there with freshly baked scones ... YUM! And I should have joined you ... How decided 5:57 was a good time to rise and shine this morning. Next year!!!

Jasmyn said...

You were up that early and still looked fresh and rested when I saw you at lunch!

P.S. When we prayed tonight Gavin said "thanks for going to Miss Mikele's today." So sweet the way he says your name too! So....the jelly beans and marshmallows worked:)

Kristi said...

You got some for me, right? Heh.

Robyn said...

Ohhh! I miss summer movies. We always hit a couple of random ones through the summer. So fun. You two are crazy. I love the self portrait of your nap. How many takes? ;)

The Rangels said...

Is this the one where it's 10 movies for $10? and so you guys going REALLY EARLY was for what?????

Dana said...

This is the story of my life. I heard crazy stories about preschool sign-ups and showed up way too early. Where is the dedication, people?!