Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eggs And Empty Tombs

The pre-Easter celebrations started off with an egg hunt at Miles' preschool.

As I not-so-softly encouraged him as we mothers do... There's another one! Miles! Right there! He calmly informed me that he already had 12 eggs and that was all that he was allowed to find. Healthy competition takes a break at Easter, I guess.

Joshua. Counting his eggs. He had 20. I did nothing about it.

Kaden, Miles and Joshua

On Saturday evening, we continued our tradition of making Resurrection Rolls and hunkering down to watch the Veggie Tales classic... An Easter Carol.

Hannah came over to lend a hand.

They rolled "Jesus" in spices...

... and put Him in the "tomb"...

... and on the "third day" we opened the "tomb" and He was gone! Risen!

I got to share the Easter story with them as we made the rolls and Hannah was stupified as to where "Jesus" had gone.



Carrie said...

So my kid isn't exactly the rule follower I am ... the mold had to be broken somewhere along the way :) We'll be having a chat!!

mini and brother said...

Looks like fun. Love the rolls. Good job.

Jen said...

I wonder where Miles got the Rule Following Gene from, Mikele? I'm surprised you wanted to break them.

Robyn said...

Mmmm...empty tombs. Delicious! Tell Miles thanks for rockin' the Team Luke t-shirt. PRECIOUS!!! Miss you guys. I'm going to embrace you with a full leg loop in about 2.5 weeks. Get ready.

The Martins said...

Recipe, please! Looks super fun!
-Sarah, the blog stalker, from BSF