Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Times

It was quite a weekend...
Heather's 21st birthday was on Thursday, so we took our usual field trip to Krispy Kreme.

Miles and Madison. It's oh so nice to have them back in our really hot state.

Josh got some great shots. Jen and Jordan.
Sean, Miles and Lance! The boys had a man trip this week (the OGToal) and Lance and Scott were flew in. Awesome.
The precious ones. All lined up. To jump.

Then the birthday girl and her man did their own jumping thing...


The menfolk took off for camping. Where it rained. A lot.

Such dudes. Love them.

Jen, Heather and I handled the offspring. All six of them. We went to The Ranch (Jen's temporary and magnificent dwelling place) to play, swim, eat dinner on beach towels...

... and sing Happy Birthday to Herkie Heather. Dang, she gets air.

On Sunday we gathered at Adam and Heather's before Scott and Lance departed. That Jordan is such a darling.

We tried out the new slip and slide...

... and our husbands graced us with a jump picture. They very well may be mocking us, but I'm too thrilled to give a care.

It was perfect... minus the midwest crew.
And minus Hawaii, of course.


Jen said...


Robyn said...

I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!! You are awesome. Heather and Adam's Leap Of Love, all those precious kids, seeing my Lance having the absolute time of his life, the guys jumping--love, love, love.

Carrie said...

Heather ... I turned 21 this week too! Congrats!!!

feather said...

Thanks for the fantastic recap and including the Clearance slip and slide that I found for $10! The jump picture still cracks me up.

Happy 21st Carrie!

The McPoland Family said...

Love it!!!

mini and brother said...

Love all of it but seriously how does Heather jump so high?!