Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Yos

Miles is such a funny kid. We're leaving for Canada tomorrow and I asked him what animal he wanted to take with him. Meet Sarah. Miles got her for Christmas and back then, she looked kind of more like this: He named her BallSoft. Yes. Shortly thereafter, the ball fell off, but he had some strange attachment to the weasel. A few months later he announced that her (HER!) new name was Sarah. After a sweet girl at Kate's school who always runs up and hugs him.

Apparently, she eats with us now.

This is Sarah's playhouse. It also doubles as a laser gun. I could not make this up if I wanted to. Yesterday, Miles had a purple whistle around his neck and told me that from now on I should call him Flapjack. He also barked a lot and then translated for me.

On our way to Canada tomorrow, we stop off in Seattle (hey, Mark Driscoll) and then take the clipper ship to Victoria. Miles is very concerned about the fact that we won't be wearing life jackets. Me: "Dude, it's fine." Miles: "I can't get on a boat without a life jacket." All I can assume here is that he is channeling his inner Diego... Me: "It's a big boat, not a small one. I promise, it's ok." Miles: "I have a very bad feeling about this." Here me now. If we, indeed, go down with the ship, someone find a good home for Sarah.


Rachel said...

We like Sarah's around here - we'll take her. Miles is cracking me up. I hope he is okay on your boat trip. Enjoy Canada! (We'll be in Seattle during the same time!)

Jasmyn said...

I have to say, that is the strangest "stuffed animal" I have ever seen. But I am so glad he loves it. I think you should just get him a life jacket...he can get used to it by wearing it on the plane....maybe you should pair it with a bike helmet too!

Carrie said...

I am just so curious what Miles had to do to "earn" Sarah? :)

Sarah Martin said...

Alright. First of all, FUNNY boy. Love this quirky age.

Next, time to take a quick trip to about seven pages back in your blog. Go to February- here:


Got it? It's the post where you're in your overalls- and everyone was making fun?
Spoke too soon!

Yes, yes, it's true.
And for only $268 you can get that overall groove back on.

Jen said...