Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Twas The Night Before Kate

7 years ago tonight I was not breaking up an argument about sharing Pirate's Booty while having only one half of my hair done (which is actually quite a story).
I was 6 days past my due date with Kater. I had been to the doctor for a stress test - Katie, do you remember you went with me - and they put me on the induction list for that night.
Tonight, I'm posting a little stroll down memory lane. December 2003.
Ealier in the month, Scott and Lance had a little too much free time at the office, so Lance drew what Kate looked like on Scott's belly. It was actually the way they told us that Lance and Robyn were pregnant with Luke - Lance had a bean shaped embryo on his own belly.
Kate just walked by and said, "Is that Scott?" I asked her how she knew that and she said, "He's always doing that stuff."
Does anyone remember that we had a great dane back then? The Feej. Why on earth did I let him in the kitchen?
Around 9, we headed to the hospital. Nice maternity J-Lo. We're calling them Sue Sylvesters now. Robyn and Katie showed up for moral support... ... and badger the nurse while she attempted to put in my IV. Robyn. We have NO idea just how much this new life will change ours. She's here. 7 pounds, 14 ounces of sweet girl. Grandma and Kate
Granddad and Grandma Cheryl came. Sean and Jen came. With hair. Robyn and Lance came. And later, Amelia visited.
Tomorrow I'll post her birthday love, but tonight I'm thinking of 7 years ago when we sat waiting for her. Anticipating. And loving her already.


Kristi said...

Oh, I love this. My mind just raced 30 years from now when these pictures will be even more precious...

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

Such a neat story! Happy Birthday Kate! We are better people for knowing you!

Robyn said...

So, you're saying I probably SHOULDN'T have reminded the nurse of her inability to properly give me an IV a couple of years before? Oops. ;) I love that I got to be there to hold a leg (metaphorically) and to hold Kate on Day 1! We love you Kater!!! You are precious to us.

Jen said...

OH MY GOSH to all of it!! The belly! The flip! The DOG!! What the what? The velour tracksuit! Sean's "hair"! Robyn's hair! Sweet little Kate!! Bald little chunk-a-love, Amelia! LOVE these! Happy birthday, Kate!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Truth be told, I have always loved the name Kate but my kids already have two aunt Katies so that would never work. I don't think I have ever met you but if you are anything like you're mom, you are awesome!

feather said...

I love every single picture! And the memories that come with them, we love you Kate!

Josh literally looks like he is 14!