Monday, November 06, 2006

Here's Kiwi In Your Eye

This post is a collection of odds and ends. I'm a theme-type person, so I decided to group them all together as a mish-mash of happenings around the homestead. Enjoy!
We'll start out with "Crazy Things My Children Do," which seems like as good of a starting place as any...
Like any weird almost three year old, Kate gets a kick out of dressing up - everything is fair game, including underwear out of the laundry basket. Note the poor state of Munny the Bunny. This is what happens when you are talking on the phone and not paying any attention to your sweet daughter who needs that attention TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY. When I came into Miles' room the other morning, look what awaited me. Nevermind that I scooped him up right away and then put him back to take the picture.

I swear (Irish Matt, I swear!) that I did not put her in there. Of course, if you know Kate at all, you probably already figured that she got in all by herself in an effort to retrieve that last lone sock. That's some work ethic.

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