Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kate's Favorite Ladies

I hosted a holiday boutique on Saturday - sorry if you missed it, we had a chocolate fountain - and Angie and Sierra came over to hang out with Kate and Miles while I was gone. Here are a few shots of what goes on when I leave them alone.

I bought these shoes for church, but somehow she keeps getting them out of her drawer at night and then sleeps with them on. This, I assume, was how they found her in the morning.

Sierra and Kate

Kate just adores the girls and she gets "exciting" when they come over. What a blessing they are to us.


Our Family said...

I love how her shoes are on the wrong feet! Grace wore her sparkle shoes all day on the wrong feet. How is that not annoying?!? I'm just thankful they can do it ALL BY MYSELF.

mini and brother said...

Love the pictures. Is Sierra in the cage? Just wondering... They are the most wonderful girls!!