Monday, November 06, 2006

I reckon' I be nekked and eatin' blueberries! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Next, we move onto "A Triple Date: Josh, Kate and Owen."
Josh took Kate and Owen on a fun date last Friday. They went to Peter Piper's which, if you didn't know, is Josh's favorite, really, it is! If you look closely, you can see the ball going in. She made 5 out of 6 baskets! The Suns could really use her help right now. Josh took them to get ice cream afterwards and Owen had a rootbeer float. Josh tried to only let him drink half because he wasn't supposed to have soda, but Owen said, "My mom usually lets me drink the whole thing." Just being silly.
I was talking to Owen later and he said that he had fun, but Kate kept running off and he had to go chase her down. I asked him if he had seen those child leashes that some people have. "Do you think I should get one for Kate?"
"Only when I'm not around."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, I wanted to share with you some interesting milestones that we have reached lately.
1. Kate achieved All Teeth In status this week with the additions of her last two molars. Now we have a break until they all start falling out.
2. Miles has found his "boy parts" and is hearby ignoring all other bath toys.
3. He is also saying, "Mama" and "Dada" although you wouldn't know it because our camera bites in the sound department. He's also clapping and pulling himself up on things - including the stairs, which has changed our lives completely.
4. Kate is now in underwear during all daylight hours and has deemed my own, "cute."
5. I have myself, apparently, reached the point where people are already asking me when I am having another baby. Don't they know I just had one? I'm still in my, what, 15th trimester with Miles? Who would get pregnant with an 8 month old around? Who could?
Who, I ask????


robyn said...

"Mom usually lets me drink the whole thing"...hmmm, nice try Owen. My sweet little negotiator!
Such fun pics, Mikele :)

Our Family said...

Two things:

1. Tre is not happy about this whole date thing. He already has Kate's engagement ring (which he will be giving her in 35 years).

2. I think you should have another baby too. Being pregnant and having an almost 8 month old is totally the way to go! I think Katie should have another baby too.

Anonymous said...
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Terry said...

And so it is unanimous Peter Piper is the pizza of Choice I just wanted to be sure everyone gets that...Peter Piper it is...thank you Josh.