Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas Day - Man, That's SO Last Year...

On Christmas Eve we always spend the night at my parent's house - even though they live a whopping 8 minutes away.

Here's Kate's impression of Rudolf (and yes, she is three and wearing a bib - if you've met her or seen her eat, you already understand)

When I can't find her, she's usually snuggled up with Grandpa

Christmas morning

Kate wearing her new Princess jammers and slippers. She also got a wand which, as you can tell, I am thrilled about. She spent her morning tapping everyone with it and saying," It's your turn to open a present."

This is what boys are supposed to do with dolls

Kate got a Steve Nash shirt from Daddy. She loves watching Suns games with him. She's is usually yelling, "De-fense!" clap clap or asking, "Daddy, who's that purple guy? Hey Dad, who is that? Who is that guy? Dad? Dad?!"

Dad + Miles + trucks = some manly fun

Josh bought me a sweet new camera for Christmas - maybe he was tired of hearing me whine... Anyway, this sucker is the gift that just keeps on givin' because now I have video with SOUND! My blog has talkies!!!

Here's the clip that Josh made to tell me:



Our Family said...

Panda Express was open on Christmas Eve?!?

mini and brother said...

I love the sound clip! Sweet...
Miles is a riot with that Polly Pocket hanging out of his mouth. It looks like he's a giant!