Friday, January 05, 2007


About a week ago...

Me: "The tree really can't catch on fire if the lights aren't turned on."
Josh: "A spark from the outlet could light it and then our house would burn down in, like, two seconds."
Me: "Nah."


I was folding laundry - yes, instead of taking ornaments off the tree, which would allow Josh to take the sucker down and dispose of it before my birthday (shameless plug) - and I hear this EAR PIERCING SHRIEK.

Josh: (putting batteries in the smoke alarms which, incidentally, have been mostly absent for around three years.) "What is wrong with these things?"

Well, there's still no battery in it. And it woke up Miles.

So, it's the fifth of January and our tree is still up and very dead and the branches are touching the floor and the ornaments are slowly being sucked up into the tree itself and I'm pretty sure that I will find Narnia when I go looking for them.

Also, my house got overthown and you'll be glad to know that I didn't even once hide in my closet:

Although, I am really reallllllly happy about my sparkling new fridge. It's the only truly clean thing around here, except maybe the kid's ears, because I'm kind of a nut about that.


Our Family said...


1. The stove with all the mail and stuff on it looks like more of a fire hazard than the tree.

2. I think it's time for a fake tree!

3. Katers, come show Grace how to go in the potty all the time and she'll show you how to eat without a bid!

mini and brother said...

I'm so scared of your tree. I can hardly even see the ornaments. Scary... if you take it down before Christmas that will never happen...
Sweet fridge.

Jen said...

Maybe you should go on that show on TLC that sends professionals over to help you clean out all your crap, then have a big garage sale. You'd probably love to be on TV...even if it is that show.

P.S. Tell Josh I love the commentary.