Saturday, October 30, 2010

Since The Fall

So... yeah.
We made it through the first week. The surgery went fine. In the early hours Josh and I thought that we could find a list of funny things to share afterwards. We started off strong...

Katie and I have a thing for gripper socks. These were the ultimate. I guessed (correctly, I assume) that they are for really confused patients that could potentially put them on upside down, slip, fall and sue the hospital. However, I'm not sure what happens if you put them on inside out... right?

We found nothing else funny the rest of the day. Shoot.
We had so many wonderful people step in and love on us. My mom has been wiping my tears for 34 years and was still there to do it again. She also came over to trim our lantanas and, for therapy's sake, install new lights.

While the front yard was being renovated, the kids were playing with neighbors and riding bikes. I looked over at one point and Kate was on a ladder helping the guy across the street hang goblins for Halloween.

Katie was in town all weekend for Scott's mom's memorial. It was good to laugh and eat cheescake and it was good to talk.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, brought meals, took my children, sent texts, emails, stopped by with flowers, and to those who just called to talk. Every bit of it was healing.
Now we wait and see what God is going to do. We claim His promise that it was for good and we trust Him. Even in tears.
Mikele for all


Mrs. Spice said...

Love all of it. Praying with you. I love gripper socks too. Love you.

mini and brother said...

I love the grippers. Love you!

feather said...

I am so glad those lantanas were trimmed! Love you and am praying for continued healing and comfort.

Robyn said...

Thanks for leaving a spot for me to be photoshopped in. ;)
Love you, friend.
Jan is wonderful. And so are your many friends and family there who have taken such good care of you. So thankful for each one. Miss you.

Jen said...

I love Jan. And you.

Kristi said...

Sometimes things just aren't funny despite one's best efforts.

The McPoland Family said...

I love you girl.