Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Punkins

Please be impressed...
She's painting! I'm letting her paint! Later, she even used her fingers! See how I'm advancing in my mothering skils! Miles had his Trunk or Treat on Friday. He told me that I was saying it wrong. I then explained. This is Buzz (Jayden) and The Karate Kid (Buddy). Miss Audrey was ready to help me hand out treats.
Parade of costumes. Eli was also ready with his superhero cape and man-bag.
The Dudes
Iron Man (Joshua), Karate Kid and Spiderman (Kaden)
Piratess (Ms. Chrissy) and my littlest, but hi-yah-ist punkin.


Jen said...

I find it so amusing that even though she's painting outside, everything is still covered in plastic. But I'm still impressed.

Carrie said...

I knew you'd let them use paint ... eventually. Because if your daughter is going to cross the street, climb a ladder and hang your neighbor's goblins ... she sure as heck better be able to paint :) It's far less dangerous!! And I, for one, LOVE Eli's man-bag. Every Batman needs a flowery purse ... totally completes the outfit.

feather said...

I love the superheros and Miles' huge smile! So proud of you for letting Kate use real paint, not even Color Wonder paint, what's next glitter glue??

Robyn said...

I'm impressed. And she's not even wearing a paint smock or rubber gloves!
Miles makes a cute karate kid. Makes me happy just to see that headband on his forehead!